GO-JEK improved their first response time by 69% after implementing Zendesk Support

  • Agents 200,000
  • Reduction in First Response Time 69%
  • Cities Operating in 10
  • Favorite Feature Mobile SDK
  • Products Used

GO-JEK Indonesia is like ride sharing, but on motorcycles. GO-JEK’s drivers can take you from point A to B, drop off dinner from your favorite restaurant, and even deliver your groceries.

Originally, GO-JEK was using email and a phone line to serve their customers. Yet after expanding its service offerings, GO-JEK needed a support system that was better-suited for serving their growing customer-base. Rohan Monga, COO of GO-JEK, began exploring support solutions and looked to leaders in the transportation industry. “I thought about some of the major tech players and how they are using Zendesk,” said Monga. “That was one of the factors that led us to the decision.”

Since implementing Zendesk Support, Becquini Akbar, VP of Customer Care, has seen an upswing in the efficiency of GO-JEK’s customer service processes. “At the beginning, our number of daily backlogs was about 5,000,” said Akbar. “Now, after exploring all of Zendesk’s capabilities, it’s already down to around 500 per day. It’s a significant improvement.”

Becquini Akbar

VP of Customer Care

“The first reply time used to be about 13 hours, now it’s about 4 hours. For 80 percent of our tickets, we reply in 60 minutes,” said Akbar. “We achieved this by exploring all the functionality in Zendesk.”

Looking forward, GO-JEK hopes to expand its use of Zendesk integrations to get even closer to its customers. “We’re using the Hootsuite integration. We’re using all of the social media integrations,” said Monga. “We’re looking to a lot of other sorts of integrations that hopefully can help us understand our customers better.”

“The Zendesk solution is easy, as well as flexible. We had agents that had never used a ticketing platform before, but were able to ramp up their understanding so quickly because of the beautiful interface that Zendesk has and the simplicity in the features and functionality.”

– Rohan Monga COO at GO-JEK Indonesia